smartchoices logoSmartChoices postpartum care products for new moms are now available at Maternitique. 

SmartChoices offers a premiere collection of personal care products specially designed to help pregnant and new mothers feel their best during pregnancy and postpartum. Conceived in partnership with midwives and fashion designers, SmartChoices postpartum care products such as the Feme Pads and Disposable Postpartum Underwear, are unique on the maternity market and indispensible for new moms. They're made to be comfortable to use and soothing, so you can have an easier postpartum recovery and better enjoy your first days with your new baby.

Created to meet the unique needs new mothers face in pregnancy and postpartum recovery, SmartChoices products help you experience the natural changes of new motherhood with confidence, femininity and comfort. For that, we think they're beautiful.
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