Healing Hazel

healing hazelHealing Hazel, based in Quebec, Canada, was founded officially in 2004 by Sylvie Langlois, a mother who had used hazelwood baby necklaces with her children beginning in 1982. Based on her mother-in-law’s advice, Sylvie put a hazelwood necklace on her infant son, Matheiu, when he began teething. Mathieu’s grandmother had learned about the healing uses of hazel trees from her Indians friends from Pointe-Bleue, Quebec.
Amazed by the way the hazelwood appeared to soothe and calm Matheiu while teething, Sylvie shared the idea with her friends. Soon, she was receiving requests to make hazelwood baby necklaces for other mothers. 

Over the years, hazelwood necklaces for baby have been purchased by parents coping with eczema, acid reflux, severe and frequent diaper rashes as well as teething. As Healing Hazel grew as a company, they also began to import 100% Baltic amber to make amber teething necklaces as well.
Healing Hazel today makes both hazelwood necklaces and 100% Baltic amber necklaces for babies and adults. Healing Hazel products are lead-free, manufactured in Canada to meet United States CPSC safety standards.
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