About Us

About Maternitique

Maternitique's mission is to help women look their best, feel their best and do their best throughout pregnancy, birth and motherhood with safety-screened products that support their health, beauty and comfort. Our goal is to help inspire happier mothers, easier births, healthier babies and a safer world.

Founded in 2007, Maternitique is a small, woman-owned business operating from Portland, Oregon.

Our Product Selection

Would you be shocked to learn that an average of 200 chemicals, including 180 known to cause cancer, were recently found in newborn blood?*   We were. As powerful as our placentas are, they cannot filter out dangerous chemicals absorbed by our skin, breathed in our air and consumed through our food. If we want healthier, safer babies, we have to make healthier, safer choices. And we have to buy from manufacturers who create healthier, safer products.

Maternitique offers you brands that avoid ingredients identified as reproductive toxins (phthalates, for example), carcinogens or teratogens (substances that cause or contribute to birth defects). We prefer manufacturers who are signers of The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and we educate ourselves about ingredients in the Cosmetic Safety Database maintained by Environmental Working Group.

If products include herbs or nutritional supplements, we ensure that they have been formulated with medical oversight and are recommended by midwives and doctors for safe use during pregnancy. Having worked with midwives, naturopaths and herbalists in the past, we know that some herbs, essential oils and nutrients in high doses can cause miscarriage, premature labor or other pregnancy complications.**

Maternitique's products are designed for modern women and combine the best of science and herbal traditions. Our selection reflects what mothers and midwives have always intuitively known, and what modern research is only beginning to prove: that the lifestyle choices we make before, during and after pregnancy-beauty and skin care, diet, exercise, stress management, pain and symptom relief-affect fetal health, childbirth outcomes and newborn development.

Our Company

How can we ask our customers to make healthier, safer choices, if we don't do it ourselves? We do our best to be evolved when it comes to our own consumption-not because it's trendy to be green, but because it's part of our mission and the health of our environment is related to our own actions.

We ship your orders using recycled, reused and biodegradable packing materials. We process your orders using paper with at least 30% post-consumer recycled material and at least a portion of our electronics are made from recycled or refurbished materials. We further minimize our environmental impact by reusing and recycling our office supplies and using energy-saving strategies.

We're a signer of the Truth in Labeling Pledge, sponsored by the Natural Ingredient Resource Center. We believe you have a right to know what's in the products you buy so you can make the choices that are right for you.

Are we the perfect, zero-carbon footprint, 100% organic corporate citizen? No. But we're evolving, just like you.

Our Customers

Who are Maternitique moms? You are, of course. You are smart, healthy and conscientious. You do your best for your family, your job, your relationships, your environment, your community and yourself. You have high standards. You're informed by the past, grounded in the present and ambitious about the future. You're a beautiful woman and a beautiful mother. And with all that you do, and all that you are becoming, you deserve to worry a little less and celebrate a lot more.

Congratulations and thank you for letting us support your journey into motherhood.

* Read more about these findings in "Body Burden: The Pollution in Newborns," 2005 report published by Environmental Working Group.

** The information on this website is not meant to take the place of professional advice from a qualified health care provider. Maternitique provides information in this site about the traditional use of herbs, essential oils and alternative therapies during the childbearing years. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always talk with your health care provider about your use of herbs, essential oils, supplements, exercise, diet and alternative therapies, especially during pregnancy, breastfeeding and caring for children.