Fairhaven Health

fairhaven health logoFairhaven Health natural fertility and pregnancy products, including its pregnancy deodorant (currently being reformulated), are developed by experts in both natural medicine and allopathic medicine. The combined input from doctors, OBGYNs, nutritionists, and naturopaths results in fertility and pregnancy support made of the best of modern science and clinically-supported research in herbal healing traditions.

Not only are Fairhaven Health fertility and pregnancy products safe and natural to support your pregnancy journey, but they’re also effective and made to high standards (two additional critical Maternitique criteria for the brands we offer you). 

The pregnancy deodorant truly works—without aluminum, parabens, or synthetic fragrances that may contain reproductive disruptors like other deodorants. The safe pregnancy tea is made with whole-leaf herbs that impart the full benefits of the strawberry leaf and alfalfa that are so supportive and nutritive to women’s reproductive systems. The Dream Belly Butter for Stretch Marks has absolutely no cocoa butter smell and is rich in deeply penetrating moisturizers that smooth, soften and support your skin beautifully for hours.

Fairhaven Health is based in Bellingham, Washington. That’s a hop, skip and jump from our headquarters here in Portland, Oregon, making them a nice local addition to our carefully selected offerings of natural pregnancy products.
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