V.Sachar MD

V.Sachar MD is the first to bring you safe pregnancy cosmetics and Maternitique is the first maternity boutique to offer them. 

vsacharmd logoThe toxin-free, natural cosmetics are safe for pregnant women, women trying to conceive, breastfeeding mothers, and women with cancer, women who are gluten-free or who have had eye surgery.

Founded in 2013, Dr. Vik Sachar is a specialist in high-risk pregnancies. Dr. Vik Sachar is a double board-certified high-risk pregnancy physician who has created the world's first and only cosmetic line exclusively for pregnancy. Dr. Sachar, as a specialist in high-risk pregnancies, is in a unique position to react to the more than 200+ toxins that newborns are born with today. 

Because of his awareness of harmful chemicals in women's bodies that get transferred to their fetuses, Dr. Sachar was spurred to act. Seeing that there were pregnancy-safe choices for skin care, vitamins and other personal care products on the market, Dr. Sachar set out to create a line of safe, healthy, non-toxic cosmetics that could be used before, during and after pregnancy by women who want to limit their exposure to harmful substances.
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