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It's Spring Cleaning time! Through Sunday, April 20, 2014 only, save an additional 15% on already reduced items in this Specials category. Enter code springcleaning at checkout to save. (Valid only on items in this category; cannot be combined with other coupons or promotion codes or applied to previous orders.) 

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First, sign up to receive our electronic newsletter. Delivered approximately once per week, each Maternitique email includes a monthly coupon code.

Second, sign up for a VIB account at Maternitique. As an account-holder, you'll receive several benefits, including earning rewards that will translate into gift certificates for you, which you also enter in the coupon code box at checkout.

Third, look for Maternitique coupons on our Facebook page. Become a Maternitique fan on Facebook and opt in to receive our page updates into your Facebook feed so you don't miss any surprise coupon codes.

Leave a review on the product page(s) of any item(s) you have used in the past. Let other expectant mothers, fathers, and grandparents know if something really rocked your world or didn't do what you'd hoped it would. When your Maternitique reviews are approved, you'll receive an email with a 10% off coupon. This coupon code is valid for only one use, but we will change it periodically to encourage regular customers to continue leaving helpful feedback to others. Your opinions are really important!

Please keep in mind that Maternitique is a very small store and while we love to clip coupons ourselves, this store's profit margin is so small that we don't have room to be as generous as large retailers with stock holders and deep pockets. Therefore, we do have some rules in place that we respectfully request you honor in your effort to save money:
  • Coupon codes may not be combined. Only one Maternitique coupon code will be valid at a time. 
  • Coupon codes may not be applied to previous Maternitique purchases. Please pay it forward!
  • You may share your Maternitique coupon codes with your friends and family. We do want to encourage you to introduce more people to our small business and a great way to do it is to use our universal gift registry and share the coupon code with your registry information!
  • Coupons will apply to Maternitique merchandise only. Shipping costs still apply.
  • If you return products on which you applied a coupon and/or had a free shipping promotion, those promotional costs will be subtracted from your return amount first. 
Thank you for your understanding and for shopping at Maternitique. We appreciate your business!