New Baby Gifts

 Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Classic New Baby Gifts

This year, Sophie the Giraffe is celebrating 50 years as a beloved teething toy for babies. She is, simply put, an absolute essential and classic baby shower or baby welcome gift. Her oddly adorable features strike many new parents as "meh," but to babies, she's irresistible. Soothing to gums, stimulating for the brain, comforting for other sensory reasons, Sophie the Giraffe is BPA-free, all-natural, safe and loved by generations of babies.

Sophie the Giraffe Teether, $22.99

SqueezEase No Scratch Cuffs

Unique New Baby Gifts

What can you get for the new parents who have thought of EVERYTHING? Those ultra-prepared, uber-thoughtful, conscientious, organized and financially secure parents are tricky to buy for. Here's the ultimate unique new baby gift: baby hand cuffs (stay with us here). SqueezEase No Scratch Cuffs are innovative alternatives to mitten cuffs that cover the newborn's hands to keep babes from scratching their faces. Your ultra-prepared, uber-thoughtful, conscientious parents are going to love this gift because SqueezEase Cuffs are the better way to prevent their newborn from hurting his face. Over-the-hands mitten cuffs cover baby's fingers and thwart her development of sensory connections in those early weeks of life. SqueezeEase cuffs encourage newborns to squeeze and move their fingers, promoting hand awareness, neural development and inducing calm.

SqueezEase No Scratch Cuffs , $16.99

jChews Smartphone

Cute New Baby Gifts

Baby's first smartphone should be a jChews Smartphone! It's really uncanny how young infants can seem drawn to Mommy's and Daddy's tech gadgets. A perfect stocking stuffer or Hanukkah gift, this silicone teething toy looks like a cell phone, but it's soft, lightweight, and completely non-toxic. Look, the new baby is going to put a smartphone in her mouth whether you like it or not; might as well make it one that's made of BPA-free anti-bacterial silicone!

jChews Smartphone, $15

Amber Teething Necklace

Trendy New Baby Gifts

Lately, it seems every new baby is wearing an Amber Teething Necklace. Well, as with all things, eventually what's old becomes new again. An old world tradition was to put a necklace of raw or polished amber on a new baby to reduce colic, diaper rash and teething pain. While there's no scientific evidence to support this practice, new parents from New York to Los Angeles swear by the results.

Amber Teething Necklace, $24

Welcome Home Baby Gift Set

New Baby Gift for Across the Miles

Living 3,000 miles away from a new baby in the family is such a drag. You're not there to see what the new parents really need in terms of gadgets, you know they are up to their ears in onesies and 0-3 month clothes from the baby shower, the 6-9 month clothes aren't the right season for you to buy now, and you don't want to duplicate toys. And worst of all, you're not there to hold and cuddle the new baby! The next best thing to giving the new baby a bath, changing the new baby's diaper, and playing with the new baby's toes and fingers is the Welcome Home Baby Gift Set. With paraben-free diaper cream, baby shampoo and lotion, send a bundle of love and pampering to the new baby and parents; it's all wrapped and ready for your gift message.

Welcome Home Baby Gift Set, $32.99

Just Hatched Baby Arrival Kit

Organic Skin Care New Baby Gifts

For nine months, the pregnant mom nurtured her baby in a safe, sheltered, non-toxic place. That special protection of pregnancy evolves after birth, but you can help the new parents care for their new baby outside the womb by giving them the Just Hatched Baby Arrival Kit. With unique, ultra-pure, certified organic, non-toxic products for baby, this gift helps new parents protect and nourish baby's delicate skin and connect lovingly with their newborn.

Just Hatched Baby Arrival Kit, $39.95

Paci Buddy

New Baby Gifts to Grow On

The Paci Buddy is a great new baby gift because it stays relevant through many stages of baby's early development. Combined with any type of ring pacifier, Paci Buddy helps calm and soothe infants. For baby's first year, the Paci Buddy's unique design helps baby develop manual dexterity and sensory awareness. Its ears, paws and feet are perfectly sized for a small infant's grasping hands. Paci Buddy becomes a cherished attachment object that will provide comfort and reassurance for years to come and will also help ease the transition off the pacifier when the time is right.

Paci Buddy, $22

A Little Something for the New Baby

Celebrity-Style New Baby Gifts

With all the photos being snapped of the new baby, the organic skin care goodies inside A Little Something for the New Baby are just the thing for the newborn to be clean, sweet-smelling and blemish-free for the paparazzi. The organic baby skin care products from Earth Mama Angel Baby are a favorite of our celebrity customer Alyssa Milano, and what's good enough for Milo should be good enough for your special new baby, right? Star-gazing aside, these baby skin care items are gentle enough for newborns, made in the USA and absolutely toxin-free.

A Little Something for the New Baby, $21.95

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