egg2cake logoEgg2Cake bring you Momglish, the language of new motherhood. Egg2Cake knows that having a baby changes everything, and becoming a mother exposes you to new experiences, emotions—and even words—that you never knew before.

With clever, eco-friendly products and design that pops, Egg2Cake helps you laugh at, chronicle, share, and enjoy the discoveries of new motherhood. 

Learn to speak "Momglish" with the Egg2Cake Pocket Dictionary, track your pregnant belly growth with the Belly Chart, avoid every new mother's vexation of the doorbell ringing at inopportune moments with the Egg2Cake Door Hangers, and take note of all the wonderful—and not so wonderful moments—of the journey with the Mamentos journals and Newborn Feeding and Diaper Log.

Founded by Jamie Diersing and Kate Rivinus Blackman, Egg2Cake features bright, eye-catching colors, playful humor and beautiful design that encourages you to sit down, take notice, and most importantly, smile. And because they're so darn attractive and fun, Egg2Cake journals and keepsakes are ones you'll actually reach for, use and re-read, making them fun baby shower gifts.

All Egg2Cake stationery products are made in the USA from sustainable paper and printed with vegetable-based inks.
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