Hey Mama Tea

Hey Mama Tea offers pregnant women and nursing mothers something no one else has: bottled, pre-brewed iced tea blended for consumption while pregnant or nursing.

hey mama teaMade with organic herbs in refreshing blends, Hey Mama Tea delivers convenience and great taste with its low-sugar herbal tea recipes. Hey Mama Tea offers a flavorful, caffeine-free hydration alternative to water (and all pregnant and nursing moms need to stay hydrated) that packs extra herbal benefits into each bottle with safe amounts of natural botanicals that have been used for thousands of years to support and nourish women's reproductive organs during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. 

What woman has time to steep her own organic iced tea while pregnant? Or while nursing a newborn? Everyone is busy today, schedules are full, and your to-do list is long enough what with your work, exercise, birth classes, newborn care, and meal planning to ensure your pregnant health and strength while nursing. 

That's why Hey Mama Tea was created. With the promise to use only the safest, naturally caffeine-free, organic, and tasty ingredients that provide support to pregnant and nursing moms, Hey Mama Tea is bottled iced tea you can drink while pregnant or nursing. 

Hey Mama Tea is brewed in small batches to control and preserve the organic ingredients' integrity and to ensure the highest quality and taste. Made in and shipped from New York state.
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