OiOi Sophisticated Baby Bags

oioi logoOiOi Sophisiticated Baby Bags know that if there's one thing you'll handle, heft, and hold just as much as your new baby, it's your baby's diaper bag. Since the diaper bag will be going with you everywhere, make it one you'll love to use and look at, and one that can stand up to the use and abuse it's going to take.

Known worldwide for their exceptional quality and talked-about designs (like the wildly popular giraffe print diaper bag), OiOi diaper bags are all that and more. 

Our favorite feature: OiOi baby bags are phthalate-free and made of baby-safe fabrics and materials. 

Doing their part to support the cleaner, greener lifestyles that new parents are demanding, OiOi diaper bags are free of all toxins, including:
- Azo dyes
- blue colorants
- phthalates
- lead
- formaldehyde

Enjoy peace of mind with your OiOi diaper bag, along with all the other fabulous features such as the protective metal feet on the bottom, the zip-top wet/mess bag, the cushioned microfiber changing pad, the hard plastic diaper wipes case, stroller straps, insulated bottle holder, and more.

Diaper changing never looked so good! Our thanks go to OiOi Sophisticated Baby Bags for helping to evolve this part of maternity—the diaper bag—naturally.
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