Credible Cravings

credible cravings logoCredible Cravings founder Stephanie Baker was raised in a family of physicians, so her commitment to health and healthy lifestyles is the background for her inspiration to create this line of whole-food nutrition bars for preconception, prenatal and postnatal nutrition needs. The other inspiration for her creation of Credible Cravings nutritious foods for mom-to-be is the spate of recent research that has begun to show that a mother’s food consumption during pregnancy impacts her children’s health for a lifetime. 

“You are what you eat,” was a popular nutrition slogan, but today, it may change to “you are what your mother ate.” Eating a healthy, whole foods diet before, during and after pregnancy is the single best thing you can do to give your unborn (and newborn) child the best chance for optimal life-long health and reduced risk of disease, obesity and behavioral disorders.

While that sounds simple and straightforward, every woman knows how difficult it is in today’s modern world to learn, shop for and cook whole-foods based meals day in and day out. That’s why Credible Cravings bars for preconception, prenatal and postnatal nutrition are such a godsend for today’s mothers. 

Formulated with input from nutritionists, midwives, and obstetricians, Credible Cravings bars help meet the unique nutritional needs of a pregnant and breastfeeding women and their developing children with delicious, satisfying flavors.

Credible Cravings bars are made with organic ingredients that are whole foods, because our bodies are designed to get the most benefit from digesting whole foods, not synthetically processed or isolated compounds. They are also made with probiotics, which support your healthy digestion, immune system and your developing baby’s, too.

The flavors, Lemon Ginger Greens, Chocolate, and Cranberry Oatmeal, are chosen to tickly your pregnant tastebuds and support your sensitive stomach. Credible Cravings bars are made in the USA and gluten-free. Vegetarian, but not vegan.
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