Beaute de Maman

When it comes to maternity skin care, especially pregnancy acne and stretch marks, most obstetricians agree there's a shortage of reliable products available. That's what led Michele D. Brown, MD to create Beaute de Maman, a line of safe and effective maternity skin care products—and an herbal capsule for morning sickness relief. 

As a practicing obstetrician, Dr. Brown identified the most significant needs for maternity skin care and performed extensive research and testing. The result: Beaute de Maman offers effective, innovative solutions to the ubiquitous challenges of pregnancy. And because she's a doctor bound by the Hippocratic oath (first, do no harm) Dr. Brown was careful to ensure that Beaute de Maman products are safe for pregnant women—and their babies. 

Try Facial Scrub plus Face & Body Cream for Pregnancy Acne, Stretch Mark Cream to prevent those dreaded scars, and more. Beaute de Maman helps women deal with the hormonal and physical changes of their pregnant skin. Just what the doctor ordered! 

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