Momma's Jewels

mommas jewels logoMomma's Jewels blend style with function to create beautiful, durable, safe adornments for you that entertain and soothe your baby with their silver teething necklace and silver teething bracelet. We can't be happier to be the only online retailer with the exclusive permission to carry these exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Silver is naturally antibacterial, which is why it's used for silverware and baby spoons. But it took an evolved mom like Stacy Rosenthal to innovate a sterling silver jewelry piece that's also a teething ring. As the mother of a five-month-old and three-year-old, Momma's Jewels founder, Stacy Rosenthal, became frustrated with the never-ending task of picking up and cleaning her infant's teething ring. After tying a plastic teething ring around her neck, she had to face the fact that that wasn't the fashion statement she wanted to make. 

Sterling silver is naturally antibacterial, naturally cool to the touch, beautiful, timeless and easy to clean—so it's a perfect material for a teething necklace and bracelet. Each elegant Momma's Jewels teething necklace and bracelet is meant to be passed on for generations and enjoyed by all of them. They come with lifetime guarantees against breakage. 

To ensure safety, Momma's Jewels pieces have been extensively tested (tests performed recommended by the CPSC by an independent testing facility) and have been proven safe for both teething babies and playful toddlers.
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