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fertilemind logo"Necessity is the mother of invention," so the saying goes. Like many of the other select maternity accessories we feature, the Fertile Mind BellyBelt and maternity tights were born out of a new mother's necessity. 

A television news personality in Australia, Christine Kininmonth needed to look her best on camera and maternity clothes just wouldn't cut it. She experimented with solutions until she hit upon a way to continue to wear her regular wardrobe all 9 months long. Her eureka invention: the BellyBelt.

Since 1996 the BellyBelt has become an international best-selling maternity accessory. The clever design allows you to continue wearing regular jeans, pants and skirts throughout your pregnancy. 

The family of Fertile Mind maternity accessories has expanded over the years to include other innovative creations to make life easier and more comfortable for pregnant women, including maternity tights, footless maternity tights and maternity pantyhose. All designed by moms for moms, we're excited to bring these maternity accessories from "the land down under, where women glow."
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