If you have been trying for two months, or four months, or more to get pregnant—or, you haven’t even started trying yet, but you want to quickly get on the right track to get pregnant soon—then the Make That Baby Kit from PregPrep is something you want to know about.

pregprep logoLara and Marjorie are sisters-in-law who both wanted to get pregnant in their mid-30’s and struggled to conceive. They each tried for two months to get pregnant. Then four months. Despite charting ovulation, neither was impressed with how long it was taking to get pregnant. Both go-getters, one is a fashion executive and the other a physician, they decided to try to be proactive and figure out what else they could do to finally get pregnant.

Their research included talking with doctors and nutritionists, consulting medical research (remember, one of them is a physician), and reading countless fertility and pregnancy books. What they discovered is that three things have been shown to help improve your chances of conception. They are:
  • quality and viscosity of cervical mucus,  
  • minimizing free radicals in the body, and 
  • specific nutrition to support ovulation, conception and overall reproductive health
Lara and Marjorie put their knowledge into action and now, 8 years and 6 children later, they’re ready to share their knowledge with you. Working with an OB/GYN, they created the Make That Baby Kit to aid other women, like them, who have been trying to get pregnant for two months, or four months, or more. Their unique 3-piece kit specifically focuses on supporting your body at the time of ovulation, to improve your chances of ovulating, conceiving, and maintaining a pregnancy.
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