Belly Vita

belly vitaWhen the moms behind Belly Vita set out to improve on the at-home belly cast kit, they go it alone. They recruited a dermatologist, chemist and certified aromatherapist. The result: a belly cast kit that provides moms with a relaxing, pampering pregnant belly cast experience and a beautiful result. 

But did we mention the safety? When developing their belly cast kit, Belly Vita committed to meet the safety standards of the US National Library of Medicine's Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology Database. No danger to mom or baby! Plus, there's no sanding or cutting required to finish this pregnant belly cast. 

We consider Belly Vita to be our corporate "sister" because we both share a joyful reverence for the pregnant body. In their words:

"Expecting a child is one of life's miracles and women are entitled to celebrate their beauty and the journey of motherhood with unique products and lots of pampering—more than any other time in their lives! Our philosophy is centered on the belief that moms-to-be are beautiful, sexy and deserve the opportunity to indulge their minds, bodies and bellies."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves! 
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