BG Birthing Gowns were created by a labor & delivery nurse to help celebrate the beauty of birth. We love that mission! 

Over the years, BG&Co founder Cindy Lintel frequently encountered women arriving to her birth center in labor who were appalled by the idea of wearing the standard-issue hospital gown. As their labor & delivery nurse, Cindy could reassure them that they weren’t required to wear it, and could, in fact wear whatever they wanted, so long as the nurses, midwives and doctors had access to everything they needed.

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Such conversations, and Cindy’s own observations at how the hospital gown interferes with breastfeeding, causes women to feel frightened and sick as they arrive in labor, and also how it inhibits their natural instincts and movements for fear of “rear exposure,” led Cindy to create attractive alternative birthing gowns for women that are designed to make them feel covered, comfortable and confident during labor and after, and which equally serve the needs of her fellow medical staff. 

BG Birthing Gowns are Cindy’s unique creations, informed by her medical experience and inspired by her love of childbirth and new mothers. With easy access for breastfeeding, a new mother wearing a BG Birthing Gown can stay covered and feel dressed while she makes her first attempts at breastfeeding her newborn. The soft, stretchy jersey ensures she can move, use a birth ball, and even squat during labor and birth.
BG Birthing Gowns are made in the USA.

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