Gifts for Pregnant Moms

Belly Belt Combo Kit

For the First-Time Pregnant Mom

Anyone who's been pregnant before knows how awkward the first months are when your pants don't quite fit but you're not big enough to shop for full-blown maternity pants. You'll notice the first-time mom is having this problem when you see her wearing yoga pants every day. Help her through this first-time, first trimester phase with the Belly Belt Combo Kit. From the time she announces her pregnancy until the time baby is weaned, she'll be able to use this kit to help all of her pants and skirts stay up and fit properly.

Belly Belt Combo Kit, $19.95

Mommy Care Pack

For the Pregnant Mom Who Loves the Spa

The Mommy Care Pack is just the thing for the mom-to-be who wants to glow through motherhood in deluxe comfort and purity. With spa-quality products formulated by a Hollywood esthetician, this pregnant body care collection includes luscious organic skin care products designed to pamper her and protect her baby. Specially formulated with a signature aromatherapy blend that will calm, renew and relax her just like a day at the spa, this gift set contains a nourishing face serum, lush body butter, body toning oil and extra aromatherapy for bath, bed, or massage.

Mommy Care Pack, $76

Pregnancy Body Pillow

For Your Pregnant Wife

Let us let you in on a little secret: this gift suggestion will help you almost as much as it helps her! When your wife is pregnant, you're asked to do a lot of things: rub feet, fetch ice cream, paint the nursery, take birthing classes, and watch helplessly as she bursts into tears while watching car insurance commercials. You may also be asked to give up your pillow-or even your side of the bed-as she tosses and turns and tries to get comfortable. The Pregnancy Body Pillow is a specially designed sleep aid to support her pregnant body and help her comfortably fall asleep and stay asleep. She'll be so grateful for the better night's rest, and we bet you will, too.

Pregnancy Body Pillow, $54

Due Date Necklace

For the "I'm-Finally-Pregnant!" Mom

More than 12 percent of women today have difficulty getting pregnant. For the woman who's experienced a miscarriage, fertility treatments or other challenges with conceiving, help her share her excitement over the long-awaited good news with the Due Date Necklace . The lightweight zinc charm and silver chain is hand-stamped in Oregon and perfect for daily wear on the journey she'll treasure forever. After birth, it makes a nice inclusion in her baby's scrapbook.

Due Date Necklace , $48

Tummy Talk Pregnancy Journal and Album

For the Type A Pregnant Mom

She never shops for groceries without her list. She's conscientious, organized and knows how to both write a plan and execute it. And you know she's going to be a great mom. Help her preserve, annotate and organize the experience of her pregnancy with a Tummy Talk Pregnancy Journal & Album. The 105-page book has space to store and preserve ultrasound photos, details of appointments and lots of blank, lined pages for recording the once-in-a-lifetime moments on the journey that she'll treasure forever.

Tummy Talk Pregnancy Journal & Album, $75

Guesstation Belly Chart

For the Pregnant Mom Who Has Everything

Some women just take all the fun out of pregnancy gift-giving because they're so thorough, so organized, and such fabulous shoppers themselves that they seem to already have everything they need for baby's arrival. Diaper bag? She's got one. Maternity hospital gown? Already packed. Beauty care? All set. No matter how much she already has, we bet she hasn't yet picked up a Guesstation Belly Chart . This unique chart unfolds to allow her to mark the size of her belly along her pregnancy journey and keeps her smiling as it describes, with amusing wordplay, some of the highlights she'll experience (like "Mind Over Bladder").

Guesstation Belly Chart , $12.95

Scotch Naturals Holiday Detox Trio

For Her Pregnant Beauty

She's had to give up so many things throughout her pregnancy-from sushi and brie to wine and her favorite shoes. But some parts of being pregnant are delights, especially her vibrant hair and stronger, longer fingernails. Imagine her dismay, however, when she learns that nearly all nail polish contains toxins that are carcinogenic. To her rescue, give her the Scotch Naturals Holiday Detox Trio. This amazing nail polish is made with only four ingredients, all of them non-toxic, to decorate her fingers and toes without harming her baby or nose.

Scotch Naturals Holiday Detox Trio, $39.99

Peaceful Pregnancy Chocolates, 5 piece

For the Pregnant Hostess

A bottle of wine is the ubiquitous hostess gift when we attend a Christmas dinner, New Year's brunch, or other holiday soiree, but what to do when the hostess is expecting? Give her the second most popular hostess gift: chocolate! Peaceful Pregnancy Chocolates are hand-made in Colorado in a unique partnership between an herbalist and a chocolatier. Infused in the delicious ganache of these white chocolate truffles is a touch of herbal pregnancy tea for a satisfying and nourishing indulgence she'll love.

Peaceful Pregnancy Chocolates, 5 piece, $14

Jellystone Organic Teething Pendant Necklace

For the Pregnant Military Mom

Because in our own family, births seem to coincide with deployment or AT, we know there are so many new mothers who go through the majority of the first year of their child's life without Daddy being there because he's deployed. For the pregnant wife who's expecting to spend most of baby's first year alone, the Jellystone Organic Teething Pendant Necklace is a practical and sweet way to keep her husband close to her heart, while keeping baby safely soothed and engaged.

Jellystone Organic Teething Pendant Necklace, $16

Labor Socks

For Her Pregnant Feet

What better stocking stuffer for a pregnant woman than stockings? These popular Labor Socks are cute, comfy, soft, warm and non-slip for her trip to the hospital or birthing center when it's time for baby to arrive. A hit at baby showers or any time, they're one size fits most.

Labor Socks, $9.99

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