Ingrid & Isabel

Ingrid Carney, inventor of BellaBands and founder of Ingrid & Isabel, says this, "I want women to enjoy getting dressed every day during pregnancy. Let's celebrate our changing bodies and dress with confidence because we deserve to look and feel beautiful."We agree with Ingrid! Ingrid & Isabel BellaBands are flattering, versatile maternity belly bands that help stretch your wardrobe during and after pregnancy. By wearing BellaBands, you can:
  • create a layered look
  • delay your purchase of maternity jeans or pants a little longer (leave your currents pants unbuttoned and the BellaBand will help hold them up)
  • add color or contrast to your maternity outfits
  • get into your maternity jeans or pants a little sooner (use the BellaBand as a belt to hold your "too big" maternity pants up)
  • keep your abdomen covered when your non-maternity tops start to become too short
  • gently, comfortably support your abdomen
Ingrid & Isabel now offers an Essentials Collection, too, with comfortable, durable, flattering maternity wear designed to help you easily feel and look your best during pregnancy and baby's first year—making everything from Ingrid & Isabel a perfect, natural fit for Maternitique moms.
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