DANU Hair Care

danu logoDANU, "the mother of all hair care products," is a new collection of natural shampoos, conditioners and styling products designed for and by mothers. For women who are trying to conceive, pregnant, breastfeeding, or for concerned mothers looking for safer, healthier hair care products for the whole family, DANU is the answer. Not only will you find DANU hair care products to perform as well or better than the salon products you used before you got pregnant, you'll feel better knowing that you're not exposing your baby and your body to the parabens, sulfates and dyes that you were with your salon brands.

Named after a Celtic goddess who was a mother and a symbol of fertility, DANU hair care products will astound you with a level of performance you don't get from other natural shampoos and conditioners.

Why? Because DANU hair care products were created by professional stylists. Founding moms Jessica McCoy and Tiffany Moll have been hair stylists and hair salon owners for more than 15 years. After over a dozen years in the industry, they began to question the safety and health impacts of the professional styling products they used. Ultimately, they asked themselves, "What kind of chemicals are in these products we use every day and put on ourselves and our customers?" And the answer led them on a search for healthier, safer hair care products for the salon.

Unfortunately, as anyone who uses natural hair care products knows, the natural brands available today just don't work like the professional products do. Tiffany and Jess, frustrated with under-performing natural hair care products, set out to make their own. The result is the family of salon-quality DANU hair care products.
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