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baby be mine maternity logoBaby Be Mine Maternity came together officially in 2005, but was a work in progress for founding partners Helen and Isabelle for several years before when they met as brand-new mothers. 

Like many first-time mothers who give birth in the hospital, Helen and Isabelle disliked the hospital gowns they wore during labor, delivery and recovery. As their friendship developed and they each had more babies, the women realized they could fashion a solution for new mothers that would vastly improve their birth experiences. Thus, Gownies were born. 

The two women behind Baby Be Mine Maternity created a hospital gown alternative with colorful prints and fabrics to bring cheer and confidence into the labor and delivery room. Providing more coverage and comfort than hospital-issued attire, Gownies quickly became a popular and much-copied idea. 

As their company grew, Helen and Isabelle continued to create and manufacture more solutions, supports and accessories for that special and unique moment of a woman's life: birth and postpartum. Baby Be Mine Maternity celebrates the transition from woman to mother. Take them along for your journey!

Labor Socks
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Maternity Belly Band - White
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