3Girls Holistic

Launched in 2012, 3Girls Holistic is a natural and organic skin care products company based in Nevada that develops and distributes safe, effective, healthy cosmetics and treatments for the whole family, with a special emphasis on new mothers and small children. Founding mama Amy is a certified lactation consultant, Mothering.com blogger and herbal healing expert under the tutelage of Aviva Romm (who, if you don't know, is the author of several books about how to safely use herbs as a mother, including The Natural Pregnancy Book and Naturally Healthy Babies and Children). 

3girls holistic

"The Day Serum is amazing and one of the best feelings I have felt on my skin in a very long time. I have tried every moisturizer on the planet and I am in heaven. Thank you so much for the serum, I am in heaven OH I said that twice. Oh, and the Nourishing Cream is heaven." - review from the 3Girls Holistic website

We get the feeling 3Girls Holistic is destined for a heavenly rise in popularity! Not to raise your expectations too high or anything, but your skin, senses, body, and baby will rejoice in these nourishing, nurturing, and effective natural skin care products.

3Girls Holistic knows that healthy skin is beautiful skin. And healthy pregnancy skin is not only going to glow, but also protect your baby from prenatal exposure to toxins. 

The 3Girls Holistic natural and organic skin care line is 100% natural and 100% nourishing--feeding and rejuvenating your skin with organic or wild-harvested ingredients that have been carefully selected for their benefits and safety. 

3Girls Holistic is a woman-owned small business that hand-crafts its vegan, toxin-free products in Nevada. 
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