Pretty Pushers

pretty pushersIf bring-your-own delivery gowns is a revolution to childbirth, then Pretty Pushers is a revolution to delivery gowns. These delivery gowns, made of 100% cotton and in attractive colors and fun prints, are disposable. 

Yup. Wear your Pretty Pushers delivery gown once, then throw it away. As the Pretty Pushers folks say, "Bring home your baby, not your labor laundry!" 

It's true that during childbirth, things get messy. That's why the hospital gowns issued to laboring women are bleached in very harsh chemicals. But it's not required that you wear the hospital gown during labor and childbirth, and it may be that your own gown for delivery actually helps you feel more relaxed during labor and more at ease in the maternity ward.

That said, many mothers-to-be are concerned about staining and ruining whatever delivery gown they wear for their big birth day. That's where Pretty Pushers delivery gowns, in their affordable, disposable glory, come in.

Founded by a New York mom, Mary Apple, Pretty Pushers delivery gowns are made in the USA and packaged in recycled, recyclable, and PVC-free packaging.
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