Belli Skin Care

belli logoFormulated by a physician, Belli Skin Care is the only product line in the world that teratology screens each ingredient. That means when you choose Belli Pregnancy and Belli Motherhood skin care products, you can be assured that you're avoiding those compounds and chemicals that may be linked to birth defects. 

Belli Skin Care products help make pregnancy and motherhood beautiful and worry-free, with 100% phthalate-free solutions that blend the best of science with the best of nature to create balanced skin care products that pamper moms and protect babies:
  • gentle, effective Belli Pregnancy
  • Belli Motherhood for postpartum skin (safe for breastfeeding)
Reliable and science-based, Belli Skin Care makes the leading pregnancy-safe acne treatment solutions: Anti-Blemish Facial Wash and Acne Control Spot Treatment. And Belli's all-natural Elasticity Belly Oil is the only stretch mark oil that contains the three ingredients clinically shown to reduce the severity and depth of stretch marks during pregnancy.

All Belli Skin Care products are allergy tested and free of paraben preservatives, dyes and synthetic fragrances. Plus, Belli uses natural, organically grown ingredients whenever possible, and never tests on animals.
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