The adorable Paci Buddy, goofy Bamboo Buddy Zebra, and attention-getting camouflage cuffs are the products of Spotlightbaby, a mom-founded company from 2006-2012. Co-founder Judy Kang is a highly regarded occupational therapist specializing in infant and toddler development. After she became pregnant with her first child and started shopping for baby toys, she realized that there was a need for toys that would not only be non-toxic and safe for babies to put in their mouths, but also ones that would help promote neural development and sensory development. 

Spotlightbaby's products are as good for baby as they are the Earth. Everything is made from soft, organic, safe and non-toxic bamboo material, including:
  • Bamboo Buddy Zebra an ultra-soft plush organic soft toy with unique twisted hands and feet that provide tactile stimulation for baby along with serving as teethers
  • Squeez-Ease No-Scratch Cuffs a revolutionary alternative to no-scratch mitten cuffs that not only help prevent babies from scratching themselves, but also promote sensory development
  • Paci Buddy - a universal pacifier holder uniquely designed to encourage hand manipulation skills and dexterity, as well as calm and sooth baby when using a pacifier
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