bellybar logoBellybars are makers of prenatal vitamins that naturally and deliciously support you and your baby before, during and after pregnancy. Specially formulated Bellybar Boost snack bars give a boost of nutrition. Oh, and that pregnancy nausea from traditional prenatal vitamins? Now a thing of the past thanks to Bellybar chewable prenatal vitamins with DHA. 

Good nutrition before, during and after pregnancy is critical to ensure baby’s healthy development, minimize pregnancy risks, and speed postpartum recovery. But packing nutrient-dense foods together in tasty ways could be a full-time job in itself! What's a busy mom to do? Discover the family of Bellybar prenatal vitamins, including their signature Bellybars and delicious chewable prenatal vitamins with DHA.

All-natural, food-based, and OB/GYN recommended, all Bellybar prenatal vitamins contain key nutrients critical to pre-conception, pregnancy and nursing. With food-based iron, protein, folic acid, and vegetarian DHA, Bellybars and Bellybar chewable prenatal vitamins are a delicious way to: get your vitamins while trying to conceive; support your body and baby during pregnancy; and nourish your breastfeeding body. Try them risk-free with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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