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Tips for Wearing Maternity Clothes

Posted by Administrator to Maternity Clothes
Have you ever been frustrated at how you look or feel in maternity clothes? Of course you have. We don't know any pregnant woman who hasn't! In this blog post, our CEO offers tips for how to shop for, try on and wear maternity clothes in a way that helps you feel comfortable and confident, dare we say, even cute, through your maternity year.

Belli Skin Care Set Giveaway

Posted by Administrator to Giveaway
Enter to win one of 5 "Your Best Baby Bump Duo" skin care sets for stretch mark prevention. Contest ends September 13, 2013. Find out how to enter and win.

6 Tips for Natural Childbirth

Posted by Administrator to Birth
Find out how to increase your odds of having the natural childbirth you want. In this blog post, Maternitique's CEO summarizes childbirth tips from the experts at Lamaze International. Much of pregnancy, birth and even motherhood can make women feel "out of control." These natural childbirth tips show you how to be in charge of some of the decisions that can impact your birth, health and your baby on your big "labor day."

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