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Pregnant in the Sun

Posted by Administrator to Skin Care
Pregnant women get sunburned faster and 70% of pregnant women also develop hyperpigmentation, or dark spots on your face, shoulders and arms, from sun exposure during pregnancy. Learn more about your risk of hyperpigmentation and how to minimize the risk of skin damage from sun exposure during pregnancy.

What Newborn Babies Look Like

Posted by Administrator to Baby
Babies, when they're first born, have some awkward characteristics. From sticky skin, to misshapen heads, to wrinkles, they redefine what "beautiful" means.

Feeling Guilt During Pregnancy

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
Guilt is a natural human emotion and it's normal to experience feelings of guilt for a variety of reasons during pregnancy. Explore and learn how to let it go.

Keep Calm and Trust Your Body

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
You know the "Keep Calm and Carry On" meme? I've created my own version for pregnant women and women in childbirth. Great message for doulas and midwives.

White Lies People Tell You About Pregnancy and Birth

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy Humor
Do you ever get the sense that other women are sugar-coating the reality of pregnancy and birth and motherhood? This infographic compares the lies about pregnancy with what people really mean...

Gifts for Late Pregnancy

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
Here are six pregnancy gift ideas including stand-alone, pre-wrapped gift boxes, make-your-own pregnancy gifts, and a how-to personalize a gift just for her.

Preggie Pops Review Email

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy

Read the review of Preggie Pops from a mom with hyperemesis, or severe morning sickness, She found relief from the Preggie Pops that a friend gave her from Maternitique. 

5 Reactions to a High-Risk Pregnancy

Posted by Admnistrator to Pregnancy

A friend told me she's pregnant and I'm excited for her. It's a high-risk pregnancy and she's only 5 weeks. What do you say when a new pregnancy is high-risk?

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