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You Are Lucky if You’re Pregnant Now

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
Today’s pregnant women have a lot to be thankful for (we don’t need it to be Thanksgiving to promote gratitude, right?).

For one, today’s maternity clothing is so much more fashionable than 16 years ago when I was pregnant. If your family’s Thanksgiving festivities are more to the formal side, you can actually buy or rent gorgeous maternity dresses appropriate for dinner.

Another reason to be thankful to be pregnant this Thanksgiving: that experienced mothers who help out other new mothers has created a bona fide industry.

Until recently, maternity products, like many things in the world of commerce and health, were the realm of men. Thank men and obstetricians for forceps, prenatal vitamin horse pills, ultrasounds, breast pumps and compression hose. While we mothers of yesteryear were grateful for those inventions that helped us have healthier babies with fewer birth defects and which saved lives of moms and babies…it was sort of obvious that they were designed by people who had never—and would never—use them.

Mothers of earlier generations—and even when I was pregnant a decade and a half ago—had much less than you modern pregnant moms in the way of supports, comfort items and innovations that actually make pregnancy a more positive and attractive experience.

My only choices for prenatal vitamins were a handful of brands of enormous horse pills that made me first vomit and then constipated. The only available maternity bras I could find (mind you, this is prehistoric, pre-Internet time) were white, granny style things that yielded a giant uni-boob (I TOTALLY missed out on flashing pregnancy cleavage). I was lucky to find one pair of maternity jeans that fit for about 6 weeks of my pregnancy and it was inconceivable to me that I’d be able to find some that would both fit and look half-way decent. I’m almost 6’ tall. You couldn’t find maternity jeans with a 34” inseam 16 years ago.

For morning sickness, leg cramps, swollen ankles, back aches, round ligament pain, stretch marks, pregnancy acne, chloasma, fatigue, and baby blues there was a big, fat nothing around to help unless you were into blending your own herbal remedies.

What’s worse, we had books about pregnancy that described in gross detail each week and month and trimester of the discomforts, pains, aches and body changes we could expect, yet the advice for coping consisted of “elevate your feet,” “take naps,” “put a pillow between your legs at night,” and “eat crackers.” Until today, mothers have had little choice but to approach pregnancy with either a forced cheerfulness (through clenched teeth as we feel our round ligament pain we smile and say how much we just hope for a healthy baby) or a kind of fatalism and dread mixed with the occasional pang of sheer panic.

Enter the Internet. And women in business. At some point in the last decade, a critical mass of new, entrepreneurial mothers were born. Today, maternity is a whole new world.

8 Reasons to Be Thankful You’re Pregnant Now

  1. Prenatal vitamins that deliver nutrients in a more mom-friendly, non-nauseating format.
  2. Breastfeeding pillows that help new mothers avoid the neck and back aches that have plagued generations before.
  3. Maternity support belts to help relieve round ligament pain, lower abdominal discomfort and back aches.
  4. Pretty maternity bras.
  5. Cute maternity clothes.
  6. Pregnancy skin care products that safely resolve pregnancy acne, the “mask of pregnancy,” dry, itchy skin, stretch marks, and c-section scars.
  7. Topical applications that soothe swollen, pregnant feet, legs and ankles.
  8. Conveniently packaged and effective herbal teas, capsules, medications, aromatherapy sprays, wrist bands, and lozenges that relieve morning sickness.
In recent years, mothers have practically swarmed into business, creating invention after invention, formula after formula, fashion after fashion, and device after device to help other women have easier, safer, healthier, more comfortable and more beautiful pregnancies.

If there’s ever been a great time to be pregnant, it’s now. So be thankful that you’re pregnant in a time when so much is available to you to make your journey to motherhood easier, more comfortable, safer and healthier than ever before.
I’m jealous. Almost jealous enough to get pregnant again and start mothering all over again.


For now, I’ll content myself with helping you find what you need to enjoy being pregnant.



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