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What to Give for Motherís Day to a Pregnant Woman

Posted by Administrator to Motherhood
I've written several blog posts about what to give for Mother's Day to pregnant women (see "5 Personal Mother's Day Gifts for Pregnant Women," "9 Gift Ideas for Your Pregnant Wife on Mother's Day") and thought I'd turn it around and write about what NOT to give a pregnant woman on Mother's Day. 

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, so the saying goes. Sometimes, we have a difficult time choosing gifts that are intended for the recipient, rather than ourselves. It's easy to laugh and accuse men of being guilty of this, but the truth is, we all do it. Especially when we live with the gift recipient. I've caught myself, on several occasions, ready to purchase items for either my husband or my daughter, that after a pause, I realize I really wanted to have myself. 

With Mother's Day this weekend, I thought Iíd poke a little fun at good intentions that go wrong when it comes to giving Motherís Day gifts to pregnant women. This week's Friday Funny pregnancy humor illustrates what you should give a pregnant woman for Mother's Day, and what you most definitely shouldn't

Give her a maternity rocking chair, not the leather recliner with a beer cup holder that you want for your man cave.

Give her a new van or family-sized crossover, not a sports car. 

Give her a year of maid service, not a new vacuum cleaner or appliance. 
(I have no objection to your purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, or any appliance. Just donít make it a gift. Itís not a gift, itís a household necessity. Besides, a study suggests that housework induces premature labor). 

Give her an e-reader, not a parenting book.

Give her a night of culture, book reading or poetry reading, not a psychic reading. 

Give her breakfast in bed, not a mess in the kitchen. 

One final thought, in all seriousness, about what to give a pregnant woman for Mother's Day: Give her thanks, not complaints

Hope you enjoyed some laughs. Have a wonderful weekend and a happy Mother's Day this Sunday. 

Thanks for reading and sharing,


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