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What Newborn Babies Look Like

Posted by Administrator to Baby

What newborn babies look like when they're first born is often different than the mental image we have in mind. Babies, when they're first born, have some awkward characteristics. From sticky skin, to misshapen heads, to wrinkles, they redefine what "beautiful" means to new parents, as this anonymous parent wrote:

“My oldest [baby] looked like a monkey, my second looked like a little old lady, and my youngest resembled a frog. I thought they were beautiful.”

When I look back at my daughter's newborn photos, her face was swollen and slightly yellow-tinged from a touch of jaundice. She had tiny little white bumps on her nose and cheeks and her nose protruded more than I would have expected. These little oddities I see only now in the photograph, 16 years later. At the time, I gasped at her utter beauty every time I looked at her.

Today, her beauty still takes my breath away.

What did your newborn baby look like?


Paige Sobota Date 1/8/2016
I love the pictures and the articles of babies and newborns on this page.

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