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What Moms Should Know About Personal Care Products and Breast Health

Posted by Administrator to Beauty Tips
breast health cancer momsOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and when my favorite college football team is wearing hot pink (go Ducks!), I know that millions of people are talking about breast cancer.

Only yesterday, Mellanie told me that one of her friends was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Earlier this week, one of my friends posted on Facebook that her breast surgery showed she's cancer-free.

You, too, have probably been affected by breast cancer in some way. It's likely that the October Breast Cancer Awareness campaign has prompted you to think about your breasts, do a self-check and perhaps contribute to breast cancer research.

While the topic is on your mind, I want to point out the importance of growing your awareness of the connections between what you put on your skin and cancer.

Personal care products may contain carcinogens

Most personal care products contain ingredients that are either known or suspected carcinogens. While that idea may seem shocking and unbelievable, it's becoming more and more reported on in mainstream media.

Cosmetic products sold in the US don't have to pass many safety regulations or adhere to health standards. And it's a fact that all kinds of toxins compose today's cosmetics, skin care products, and even personal care products. Most manufacturers don't even argue that their ingredients aren't potentially toxic, they just argue that the amounts are so small that it shouldn't make a difference!

In soap, lotions, make-up, hair care, deodorant, toothpaste, face wash, popular stretch mark creams and infant bath and diapering products, we find:
  • heavy metals like lead and mercury
  • petroleum-based ingredients like mineral oil and propylene glycol
  • synthetic preservatives such as parabens that mimic estrogen in the body and influence the reproductive system of both women, men and children
While that information is unsettling enough, the implications for women of childbearing age are only now beginning to be explored. The early information we have should compel young women, pregnant women, and new mothers to be especially aware.

Newborns are born with carcinogens in their bloodstream

Years ago, doctors and scientists believed that the placenta filtered out toxins that the mother was exposed to and protected her fetus from pollutants while she was pregnant. More recently, as scientists have begun to conduct studies on maternal and fetal health, samples of newborn umbilical cord blood have shown that babies are being born with over 100 carcinogenic chemicals in their bloodstream, causing the scientific community to rethink the placenta's role as a filter.

Recent studies globally and in the US are showing compelling correlations between women's use of personal care products and the amount of carcinogenic and pseudo-estrogenic substances in her body and low fetal birth weight, childhood cancer, childhood obesity and diabetes, childhood mental health disorders, including ADHD, and developmental problems with children's reproductive systems.

You can reduce your exposure and your baby's exposure to carcinogens

All of this is to say, when it comes to putting on stretch mark creams, face washes, using hand soap, shampooing your hair and wearing deodorant, cleaning up your products before, during and after pregnancy can make a big fat positive difference in your unborn child's future life. Not to mention your own, because you also reduce your own body's quantity of those substances.

That's why at Maternitique, I work to find safer alternatives to the beauty and health products you want--that will work as well or better than what you buy at the grocery store, spa, salon or drug store--and which will minimize your exposure to reproductive toxins, carcinogens, allergens and other pollutants.

So while Breast Cancer Awareness Month inspires you to contemplate the health of your breasts, I'd like to encourage you to incorporate into your awareness the dozens of chemicals, compounds and pollutants that you may be putting on your body daily with your personal care products.

In honor of our beautiful breasts, designed to nourish our new babies and feed our next generation, I'd also like to give you a free Organic Beauty Breast Cream with your purchase of two others. The three bottles will be about a 9-month supply of safe, organic stretch mark cream that will help prevent breast stretch marks while they rapidly change through pregnancy and breastfeeding--without exposing you or your baby to carcinogens, pseudo-estrogens, or pesticides.

Claim your free Organic Beauty Breast Cream now (click the image below). No coupon is required. The extra item will automatically be added to your cart when you purchase two.

beauty breast cancer

And while you're shopping, take advantage of the last few days that remain of our October Loyalty 15% off coupon shared with our newsletter subscribers and Facebook fans.

We're not likely to offer this generous a savings pass for a while, so stock up now for your postpartum, breastfeeding, and gift needs.

Wishing you all the best,

Tara Bloom
Maternitique Owner

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