V.Sachar MD Pro Angled Blush Brush

V.Sachar MD Pro Angled Blush Brush
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The V.Sachar MD Pro Angled Blush Brush is plush, luxuriously soft, and designed for flawless application of mineral cheek color in as little as one swoop.

Traditional commercial makeup brushes are made from hog, boar, pig, pony, goat, mongoose, sable (weasel), cow, squirrel, badger, raccoon, cattle, dog and deer--the same hairs used to make commercial paint brushes. V. Sachar MD cosmetic brushes are cruelty-free and registered with PETA. 

For your pregnancy and baby considerations, know that by using synthetic Taklon fibers, V. Sachar MD makeup brushes offer you a safe product so that you don't have to worry about potential allergic reactions to animal fur and contamination from other bacteria. These brushes are luxuriously soft, and suit the most sensitive skin. 

Made in the USA.
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