V.Sachar MD Makeup Brushes Set

V.Sachar MD Makeup Brushes Set
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Buy the set and save—a $112 value. Is it time for new makeup brushes? When was the last time you cleaned your makeup brushes? When was the last time you replaced them? The V.Sachar MD Makeup Brush Set includes 5 of the most useful professional makeup application brushes you can have in your cosmetics bag.
To achieve the flawless, professional finish you want when wearing any kind of makeup, but especially mineral makeup, you need to use the right tools. Each brush in this set is luxuriously soft and plush, designed with fibers that will grab just the right amount of product to make it easier to avoid over-applying or making a mess.

And because of the cloud-like softness of Taklon hair, these makeup brushes are perfect for women with even the most sensitive skin.

The vegan V.Sachar MD Makeup Brushes are a healthier choice for your skin, too, as they're made with synthetic Taklon fibers instead of animal hair. Animal hair brushes accumulate bacteria, so they can actually aggravate your acne and contaminate your makeup over time.

Made in the USA.
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