Do you need to use a pregnancy toner?

Toners are often suggested by dermatologists and estheticians as an extra step to support troubled skin. If you’re plagued by pregnancy acne, sensitive and red, bumpy skin, or really dry, flaky skin (all commonly experienced by pregnant women due to the changes in your body’s hormones), then a pregnancy toner could be helpful for you.

Women of all skin types (pregnant or not) should avoid alcohol-based toners, which are too drying to skin. Plus, many typical toners contain preservatives, packaging and fragrance that expose you and your baby to xenoestrogens—chemicals which act as false estrogen in the body and are associated with reproductive development anomalies in children and which worsen your experiences of both pregnancy acne and melasma.

Use a toner after cleansing to help remove lingering skin cells and dirt that may remain after washing, and to help your skin better absorb the effective ingredients in your moisturizer, acne treatment or serum.

Not every woman needs to use a toner, but if pregnancy acne, dryness, or sensitivity is plaguing you during your pregnancy, these selections can help.
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