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Tips for Wearing Maternity Clothes

Posted by Administrator to Maternity Clothes
Shopping for, trying on and wearing maternity clothes are challenges that all pregnant women face. If you've ever bought maternity clothes, worn them once, and felt disappointed, you're not alone.

In stores, online and magazines, pregnant models wearing maternity clothes look comfortable and carefree, confident and cute in the very same things you just bought. So what gives?

Tip: You could be picking out maternity clothes a little too much like your pre-pregnancy style and need to modify your selections just a little bit.

By the time we get pregnant, we've spent years confidently dressing ourselves, knowing what types of collars, sleeves and lines flatter our figures, what colors look great on us, and what styles, trends and brands are our favorites.

Then, our breasts, bellies, bottoms and hips balloon through pregnancy, altering our entire silhouette. 

Whereas the models wearing maternity clothes seem to have perfectly normal-sized hips, trim arms and sleek thighs, you may wake up one morning of your pregnancy with a completely modified shape. (Insider information: not all models wearing maternity clothes are actually pregnant. Sometimes, they’re just wearing a prosthetic stomach, so that’s why they don’t look as puffy as you!)

So if you normally love to wear long cardigans, for example, you may find that now you look a circus tent in them and a new choice might be a shorter style. If skinny jeans were your pre-pregnancy favorite, but now your bottom, hips and thighs have doubled in size, you might opt for a pair of maternity boot-cut jeans instead to try to balance out your curves.

Tip: Know your assets and shop for maternity clothes accordingly.

Again, your assets may be changing during pregnancy. If you had a large bust pre-pregnancy and would choose clothes that accented it, you might find now that your pre-mommy boobs are just too big to draw any more attention to. Find another asset. If you have toned arms, wear maternity clothes that are sleeveless, short-sleeved. If you have a long, lovely neck, wear solid color tops and crew neck tees, horizontal striped tops and dresses. If your bum and thighs have stayed about the same size, then wear belly-hugging tops with leggings, skinny jeans. You get the idea.

Tip: Go big when it comes to accessorizing maternity clothes.

A very simple way to bump up the cute factor when you're wearing maternity clothes is to enlarge your accessories. The larger you get, the larger your accessories should get! 

Put away the dainty jewelry and mini purses. Big bellies and busts will look out-of-proportion large with thin necklaces, small earrings and such. Now is the time for a dramatic chunky necklace, a statement bracelet, large tote bags. 

Tip: Photograph yourself in your maternity clothes and see what you like and don't like.

When it comes time to trying on maternity clothes, here's a thought. Take some pictures and, later, look back and see what works and what doesn't. If you're trying on maternity clothes in a store, point your smartphone at the mirror and take a picture. Better yet, take a trusted friend with you shopping for maternity clothes so you can get immediate feedback as your trying on items. 

For ordering maternity clothes online, try them on when you get them and have daddy take pictures. Give yourself a day or so to look them over before making a decision about what to keep and what to send back.

Tip: If you find maternity clothes that work well for you, buy multiples.

Personally, buying jeans and pants is a major chore for me. I'm too tall for regular inseams and not tall enough for 34" inseams and I have wide hips and a short waist and it's just a royal frustration to find flattering, well-fitting bottoms. It took me almost 40 years, but I have learned that when I do find the pants that look good and feel good, I buy two or three pairs at a time. 

You can do the same. If there are a pair of maternity pants or jeans that you've found that feel good with your belly, buy another pair. If you love the way a certain top fits you, pick it up in another color or shop for a similar style somewhere else in a different print. You have a short amount of time to wear maternity clothes, it's true, so don't waste all your time shopping for them. 

Tip: Pin and learn.

There's a plethora of maternity pinning happening on Pinterest, and by using the search tool (keywords "maternity," "pregnancy") you can find a lot of style inspiration. Not only are women pinning individual articles of clothing, but complete maternity clothes ensembles, celebrities wearing maternity clothes, DIY maternity clothes, and more.
For some outfit inspiration, no matter what your personal style, check out my Pinterest boards: All Mothers, All Styles, All Beautiful and Pregnancy Style

Have you ever experienced disappointment or frustration while wearing maternity clothes? What helped you enjoy wearing maternity clothes?

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