The Glow Collection for Melasma

The Glow Collection for Melasma
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Dark spots on your face while pregnant? Lighten up with The Glow Collection for Melasma by The Spoiled Mama.  

Safe skin care for pregnant women, The Glow Collection was developed by a registered nurse to perform as well as spa brands, but without the hydroquinone, bleach, preservatives, and soy extracts that aren't suitable for pregnant women. What The Glow Collection does have are naturally derived ingredients to counter the hormonal effects pregnancy has on your skin. Ingredients such as peptides, DMAE, MSM, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C ester and other essential vitamins and nutrients nourish and repair your skin, fade hyperpigmentation, reduce wrinkles, and rebuild elastin and collagen supports. 

Included in The Glow Collection for Melasma are full sizes (3-4 month supply) of:
Like all distinctive skin care lines for women, The Glow Collection contains superior quality natural, organic ingredients free from preservatives, synthetic fragrances, parabens, and petroleum derivatives. 

It's For You, If You Have: dark spots, chloasma, melasma, "the mask of pregnancy," sun-damaged skin
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