Tender Tush Post Birth Treatment Spray 4 oz

Tender Tush Post Birth Treatment Spray 4 oz
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3Girls Holistic Tender Tush Treatment Spray is a little bit of post birth first aid that you will be very thankful to have. Spray on stitches, vaginal bruising, and hemorrhoids to speed healing, reduce risk of infection and help you get comfortably back on your seat after childbirth.

Made with certified organic herbal ingredients, Tender Tush Treatment Spray helps reduce swelling, cool and soothe your sore spots. After birth, your perineum and vaginal tissue will be sore and swollen from pushing. You might have a tear or episiotomy that requires stitches. Simply spritz Tender Tush Treatment on your stitches and perineal area each time you go the bathroom. You'll be feeling better much faster.

For external use only, Tender Tush Treatment Spray can be applied as often as needed. Spray directly on affected skin, or spray onto maternity pads for continuous application.

Ingredients: Witch Hazel, Lavender Hydrosol, Yarrow Leaf and Flower, Plantain Leaf, White Oak Bark, St. Johnís Wort, Butchers Broom Root, Grain Alcohol

*All ingredients are Certified Organic

4 oz.
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