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Safe Solutions to Treat Pregnancy Acne

Posted by Administrator to Skin Care
Welcome to Maternitique two new ways to treat pregnancy acne made with natural and organic ingredients safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms: Overnight Blemish SOS and Moroccan Clay Renewing Face Mask & Scrub.

treat pregnancy acne
Both pregnancy acne fighters are made in the US by Mambino Organics and formulated by an internationally honored esthetician whoís also a mom of twins.
Use Overnight Blemish SOS and Moroccan Clay Renewing Face Mask separately or in tandem to rapidly shrink pregnancy acne blemishes and prevent new ones from forming.

If this is your first pregnancy, you may be surprised to discover yourself suffering from a sudden outbreak of pimples. ďI look like a teenager againónot in a good way!Ē many women commonly exclaim in the first weeks of pregnancy, when acne suddenly appears.

Even worse is finding out that salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxideóthe most common acne fighting ingredients in most over-the-counter and prescription acne treatmentsóare contraindicated for use during pregnancy.

At Maternitique, we specialize in offering pregnant women the safest, most effective ways to treat pregnancy acne availableóso you can be free from worry while you support your skinís pregnancy glow.

For some reason I canít fully explain, Iíve been breaking out lately (yes, Iím newly married; no, Iím not pregnant). Fortunately, these two new pregnancy acne products arrived at Maternitique just as my skin started to get zany.

overnight blemishOvernight Blemish SOS came immediately to my rescue with its zinc oxide, tea tree oil and chamomile formula. Iíve been using it each night for the last week to 10 days since we got them in stock and Iím thrilled with the results.

The white liquid acne treatment stings a little when you first put it on, but as it dries, you no longer feel it. Itís designed as an overnight acne treatment because the zinc content makes the treatment pure whiteóyou have white dots on your face in every spot! Not exactly conducive for day time use. And my husband looks puzzled every night I come to bed, even though Iíve explained to him what it is (I can only assume he never notices the blemishes in the first place.)

In the morning when I wake up, the acne blemishes have either vanished (if they were just beginning to form or were on their way out already) or shrunken dramatically (if they were at their peak).

Love it!

morrocan clay faceThe Moroccan Clay Renewing Face Mask & Scrub is equally pleasant to use and effective.

Tap a teaspoon or so of the powdered, gray clay into the palm of your hand, add enough water to form a paste. With your fingertips, you gently rub the paste in circles over your face. To use it as a daily scrub, rub this for 1-2 minutes. For use as a mask, leave the paste on your face to dry.

With lukewarm water, rinse off the mask/scrub and be amazed at how smooth your skin feels! In addition to the baby-soft smoothness, youíll notice smaller pores, too. On the package, Mambino suggests adding a few drops of lemon juice to the paste as you mix it to help prevent and lighten pregnancy melasma, or the mask of pregnancy.

The clay draws out impurities from your pores that can be the precursors to acne blemishes, so this regular weekly or daily treatment is a great way to prevent new pregnancy acne blemishes from forming.

Love your pregnant skin and help to banish pregnancy acne without the use of harsh chemicals. You can clean, clarify and renew your pregnant complexion with Overnight Blemish SOS ($22) and Moroccan Clay Renewing Face Mask & Scrub ($14).

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