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Rumor Has It Adele is Pregnant

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
adele pregnantOkay, it's not a rumor—Adele announced that she’s pregnant on her blog. And you'd probably have to be living under a rock to have not heard the news by now.

Why we're so fascinated with celebrities having babies, I don't know. I haven't been a star-gazer or true "fan" of any celebrity since I was 10 and had a crush on Michael Jackson.

That said, the news about Adele being pregnant interests me because of how it may impact her as an artist. She sings so soulfully and powerfully and beautifully. If she soon writes and sings about motherhood and the love for her baby, I know I'll be swooning as I hear her renditions of these intense feelings. Adele communicates profound sorrow in some of her songs, and that resonates with us listeners. I look forward to hearing and connecting with her experience of profound love as a mother.

Congratulations to her and her partner, Simon. I wish them all the best, as I do you!



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