Ripe & Ready Labor Tea 4.5 oz

Ripe & Ready Labor Tea 4.5 oz
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Ripe & Ready Tea is for pregnant women at 38 weeks gestation and following childbirth to aid in labor and recovery from birth. 

During pregnancy, your uterus has been doing a great job and some hard work, growing and holding that baby of yours. By the end of the third trimester, drinking Ripe & Ready Tea shows your uterus how much you appreciate the job it's done and helps it get ready for it's really big work: contracting and relaxing smoothly and gently to nudge that baby out; then contracting and relaxing its way back to its pre-pregnancy shape and size. 

Before you even ask, no, Ripe & Ready Tea won't cause contractions to start. But what it will do is warm the uterus, promoting smoother and more gentle contractions, so that when labor does begin, you may have a shorter, less painful time of it. 

Like all Birds & Bees herbal teas, Ripe & Ready Tea is caffeine-free, vegan and hand-crafted in Colorado from sustainably harvested organic herbs. Comes with an unbleached muslin bag for steeping.

Recommendations: Drink 1-3 warm to hot cups of Ripe & Ready Tea daily, beginning at 38 weeks until giving birth. Following childbirth, sip the tea iced during the first six weeks of your postpartum recovery. 

What does it taste like? Spiced fruit.

Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Hibiscus Petals, Rose Petals, Cinnamon Bark, Allspice Berries, Crystallized Pineapple

4.5 oz (approximately 70 cups)
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