Prenatal Vitamins

Nutrition during pregnancy can be hard for expectant moms. For starters, morning sickness during early pregnancy can turn you off of food altogether and make you feel nauseated after you pop your prenatal vitamin. Then, even when morning sickness subsides, you have the strange aversions to some foods and cravings for others. Figuring out things to eat while pregnant can be a pain when you're on the go, working, or even on bed rest. Maintaining a healthy diet is really important for your body and for your baby. Healthy foods for pregnancy include lots of fruits and vegetables of all kinds, whole grains, lean meats, small fish and salmon, and cultured dairy (or alternative) products for probiotic support. Fortunately, we have what you need to supplement your assortment of favorite foods and augment your prenatal diet. Find your favorite chewable, drinkable, and snack-able prenatal vitamins below.
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