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Pregnancy Products Come and Go

Posted by Administrator to Skin Care
If you're newly pregnant for the first time, you may not be aware of how many fabulous pregnancy products there are for you. If you're pregnant for a second or third (or more) time, however, you may be wondering what's happened to some of your favorites.

And if it's been a while since you checked into Maternitique online and you're wondering about what's new and what's gone, let me fill in the blanks for you.

We've seen a fair number of pregnancy products manufacturers shut doors over the years. Sometimes the closures were a direct result of the downturned economy, such as Angel Milk Nutritional Drink Mix (Angel Milk shakes were SO delicious!!), and sometimes they were due to personal reasons on the part of the moms who started the companies, such as vedaMAMA pregnancy skin care, and Jessica Scott organic maternity wear. In some cases, as with SORA Charm silver teething necklaces, I never really did get a good reason why the company closed.

There are many current comings and goings on the pregnancy products front, and here's a head's up about some of the changes you can expect at Maternitique in our fifth year of business:

New Pregnancy Products

Danu Hair Care products for pregnancy are here!

We brought Danu in last month and sold out in three days. Whoops! I grandly underestimated the demand for pregnancy hair care products. Of course our Maternitique customers would want a healthier, safer alternative to the chemical-laden options of shampoos and conditioners in both grocery stores and hair salons. So, we're re-stocked and we'll also be bringing on another new brand of pregnancy hair care products in the next month or two.

After Hot Mama Gowns founder Diedrea Haysel appeared on the national television show "Shark Tank," her inventory of unique, organic cotton maternity hospital gowns sold out rapidly. Due to the publicity and boom of sales, she was able to bring on a new style of organic Hot Mama Gowns at a lower price point. Like lightening, that Essentials Hot Mama Gown was here and then it was gone. In case you're wondering if those Hot Mama Gowns are ever coming back and if there will be any more in new colors and at lower prices, the answer is yes. Stay tuned!

Mambino Organics pregnancy products have been at Maternitique since we launched—and since they launched. I guess you can say we're growing up together. Not only are Mambino Organics pregnancy skin care products made with exceptionally pure and safe ingredients, but they're also formulated by a Hollywood aesthetician. Maki Maodus Temesvary flies all over the world training other aestheticians and is responsible for the facials and skin care of celebs such as Lisa Kudrow, Rebecca Romijn, and Linda Evangelista. Now a mom of twins, Maki has added two new pregnancy acne fighters to the Mambino Organics line-up and we have them both at Maternitique.

The new flavors recently added to the Bellybars lineup are delicious. Lemony Lovey (sold out at the moment, but coming back soon) is a citrus, yogurt, soy crisp bar loaded with just the right amount of prenatal vitamin to round out your day. The S'Mores flavor Bellybars are highly addictive, too, especially if you love chocolate as much as I do. New Bellybar products are in the works and coming soon to Maternitique, along with new supplies of favorite Bellybar flavors.

Just when we thought we had hit the peak of organic pregnancy skin care offerings with the addition of The Spoiled Mama's Glow facial collection to the already amazing Bump Gloss and Tummy Butter, founder Tamara Johnson went ahead and outdid herself by creating new cosmeceutical items to round out the Glow family. Her proprietary skin care formulas offer the most advanced degree of effectiveness and are scientifically engineered for safety. Our pregnancy skin care collection at Maternitique just got all the better with the addition of new defenses against pregnancy acne and hyperpigmentation known as the mask of pregnancy. Oh—and she launched the new items all while pregnant with her second child. Amazing.

One of the last frontiers of pregnancy discomforts has to be the hard-to-swallow, makes-you-vomit prenatal vitamin--which is why we're proud to be the first to bring you a drinkable, flavorless prenatal vitamin that's rich in non-constipating iron and that won't make you puke. You're welcome!

A Maternitique makeover!

It's been a long time coming and it will be here soon (although not soon enough for me): a new website. We, gulp, haven't refreshed our store really since we launched in 2007. Not for lack of vision nor desire, but for lack of time. So, after moving, planning a wedding, getting married and shuttling my daughter through a year of preparation for a national scholastic competition (which she and her team won on April 30), I have committed to putting Maternitique's makeover numero uno on my priority list. It's all happening behind the scenes and I can't wait to unveil it to you soon.

Pregnancy Products We Hope to Bring Back

Have you ever been poking around Maternitique's brands page and wondered why, when you click on Belly Vita, for example, there's nothing there?

You're not the only one growing and changing! Many of our pregnancy products are also going through their own growth spurts and changes.

Here's the scoop on what I know as of today on the following pregnancy products:

Belly Vita is currently out of stock of their kits and Maternitique has sold out of our inventory, too. Belly Vita is doing a little makeover on their bellycasting product and once they new products are available, we'll bring them in. We can't wait!

This fantastic Canadian manufacturer is the parent of Substance Mom & Baby products. From the purest herbal ingredients to the sensual, natural fragrances, to the unique offerings for your pregnant body, Substance is a brand I'm hoping to get backin stock shortly.

As with the belly cast kits, the Pour Doux maternity candles are being reconfigured. We're sold out of Pour Deux maternity candles and so are the manufacturers. There are a handful of brick-and-mortar stores that have some stock left. If you need help finding them, send me an email or call. I know of at least one store that has inventory and I can refer you.

Pregnancy Products That Won't Be Back

At least not at Maternitique. We're not a typical maternity store online, we specialize in safe pregnancy products for your comfort and beauty. So when our new maternity shopping site goes online, don't expect to find the following items any longer.

1 in the Oven & Mayreau Maternity Clothes

There is a beautiful line of maternity clothes slated to arrive for spring and summer from 1 in the Oven and Mayreau, but there have been some unforeseen delays from the manufacturer. We have only a handful of maternity tops and bottoms left in stock from last season that are on clearance.

Bella Materna Nursing Bras

I love Bella Materna nursing bras and lingerie. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to bring in any new Bella Materna inventory and are closing out our remaining handful of maternity nursing bras. The items we have left in stock are discontinued by Bella Materna, so don't waste your time trying to find other sizes of them online. If you happen to be a 36C or 38D while pregnant, you're in luck, because those are the sizes we have left of these beautiful maternity nursing bras.

We'll continue to stock the absolutely essential BellaBand from Ingrid & Isabel, but we're going to do without the seasonal maternity clothes line. Whatever you can grab from us now is in stock and once it's gone, it's gone. That's why we have so few sizes available for your selection.

Tiny Baubles

Tiny Baubles was the parent company behind The Waiting Band, an expandable pregnancy ring to take the place of a wedding ring when swollen fingers make you take off your own. Even though Tina, the owner of Tiny Baubles, told me a year ago that she was closing, I keep the brand name up on Maternitique because I'm having a hard time letting go. I keep hoping that if I keep the name online, she'll somehow change her mind and start making the rings again. I loved them so much.

And last, but not least, what will be going soon is our Maternitique homepage! We'll have a new site to unveil soon.

Let me know if there are any pregnancy products not listed above that you're curious about or want to see us carry.

Be well and be happy,


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