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Pregnant Halloween Costumes

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy Humor

Happy Halloween! Maternitique founder and CEO shares a link to one of her favorite pregnancy bloggers about one of her favorite holidays. See some outrageous pregnancy costumes and enjoy a good laugh.

Pregnant Dance Dares

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy Humor
Television hostess Ellen DeGeneres asks people to perform dance dares, where they break into dance behind someone's back. Here pregnant women do dance dares.

White Lies People Tell You About Pregnancy and Birth

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy Humor
Do you ever get the sense that other women are sugar-coating the reality of pregnancy and birth and motherhood? This infographic compares the lies about pregnancy with what people really mean...

A Note About Nursing Bra Size

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy Humor
This week's Friday Funny captures the moment when a first-time pregnant mom goes to buy her nursing bras, only to learn that her size will change and she may have to shop again soon.

Babywearing for Men

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy Humor
Babywearing is manly, especially when Dad's babywearing accessory of choice is the Baby Hjolster. Stand back, he's got a baby and he's not afraid to use it.

Breastfeeding Poem

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy Humor
Can you relate to feeling like your life revolves around breasts? Let's see if this poem strikes a chord. August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month. Pass it on.

Nursing Bra Support

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy Humor
Pregnant or breastfeeding women should have at least two support bras that will accommodate all of your growing needs. Here's a little bra humor for Friday.

Whats in Baby Oil

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy Humor
These days, a lot of parents are examining ingredients lists and evaluating the pros and cons of going green. Wonder what's in baby oil? This post is for you.

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