Postpartum Underwear {Natural} 2 Pack

Postpartum Underwear {Natural} 2 Pack
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Postpartum Underwear by Pretty Pushers are soft, cotton underwear you can use during your 6-week post-childbirth recovery period and then throw out when you no longer need them.

The disposable mesh underwear that they give you in the hospital won't last long. Plus, they're not made to fit well and have holes in them so your pad's adhesive won't work.

These Pretty Pushers Postpartum Underwear are made of ultra-soft jerseyólike your own pantiesójust without elastic or seams or dye to keep the cost low. 

  • Made from soft, breathable stretch material with a wide cotton crotch
  • Move-with-you protection
  • Tie-waist for better fit
  • Wear once and toss, or hand-wash and line-dry several times
  • Keeps maternity pad securely in place
  • Helps to protect clothing and bed sheets from leaks
  • Has pocket in crotch to hold an ice pack like the Postpartum Feme Pad

Pretty Pushers Postpartum Underwear are made in the USA of 100% cotton.

Disposable Postpartum Underwear sizing:
Size S - pre-pregnancy 2-4
Size M - pre-pregnancy 6-8
Size L - pre-pregnancy 10-12
Size XL - pre-pregnancy 14-16

2 pair of underwear per pack.

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