Post-Baby Body

This this section of postpartum care products, we offer the items you want to tend specifically to your post-baby body. For example, a postpartum belly band such as the Shrinkx Belly to help support your abdomen. And if you want to get back into your old jeans again, wear the Shrinkx Hips for the first six weeks post-delivery! If you had a c-section delivery, you'll have to continue your Cesarean scar care for several months, so we've duplicated those products here. And since many women develop cellulite for the first time during pregnancy, we have our specifically formulated smoothing and toning products made especially to be safe for use by breastfeeding mothers. Work on fading those stretch marks, lightening up the bags under your eyes, strengthening your hair to minimize the postpartum hair loss, and feeling a little bit more recovered and "normal" again each day.
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