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New Iced Tea To Drink During Pregnancy

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
Being in the maternity business, I’m contacted daily by sales people who want me to carry their new pregnancy or baby products. Most of the time, I’m not interested—because my criteria are stringent; my standards high. 

Maternitique products, as you probably know, have to be:
  • made with mom and baby safety at the forefront
  • effective 
  • be so pleasurable to use and consume that moms will feel wonderful
  • address unique pregnancy or new motherhood issues
  • socially responsible
That may not look like a huge list, but the first three criteria are actually quite difficult to find all at the same in product. 

First, it’s hard to find products that are truly safe for moms and babies. Just because something is marketed for pregnancy, doesn’t mean that it’s good for pregnant women! There is no certifying board or law that ensures the products we buy are good for us—even the littlest and most vulnerable among us. 

hey mama tea
Second, many perfectly safe products may not be all that effective. Or, quite commonly, they don’t provide a good value and user experience for the cost. 

So when I heard from Steve at Hey Mama! Teas for Moms to Be, inquiring as to whether I’d like to try some samples of his tea, I had a few questions for him first (see list above to guess what I asked him).

Steve told me that Hey Mama! teas are made in New York with Fair Trade Certified and organic ingredients, and we chatted about the blends. Made to be effective, but still great-tasting, Hey Mama! teas have a great feature that anyone interested in living a healthy lifestyle should value:


Hey Mama! Teas for Moms to Be don’t contain vague ingredients like “natural flavors,” or flavor enhancers like phosphoric acid, or artificial preservatives, dyes or the dreaded high fructose corn syrup.

What they do contain are time-honored and proven-safe-for-pregnancy herbs such as red raspberry leaf and nettle, fruits such as lemon and ginger, and pure cane sugar – 30% less sugar than most store brands.

Alrighty then, I told Steve. Send me your samples. Let me try them and be the judge of the taste.

A few days later, I received one of each flavor of Hey Mama! Teas for Moms to Be. Here’s how they taste:

hey mama tea lemon glowLemon Glow Iced Herbal Tea for Pregnancy

I thought this one tasted just like a regular iced black tea with lots of lemon. The nettle was only slightly noticeable in the back of my mouth after each sip, and the lemon is fragrant and citrusy. Overall, I loved not only how refreshing and thirst-quenching this tea is, but also how tasty. There’s just a bare amount of sweetness, which I love since I avoid sweetened drinks and take my iced tea unsweetened. This tea is rich in uterus-supporting red raspberry leaf (which is what gives it the taste of black tea) and is made to drink safely all pregnancy long to support your womb.

WOW FACTOR - “Wow! Yum! This tastes just like an Arnold Palmer!”

hey mama tea minty morningsMinty Mornings Iced Herbal Tea for Morning Sickness

Since I dislike peppermint, the Minty Mornings iced herbal tea was my least favorite. It’s loaded with peppermint plus a bit of balancing ginger and lemon to help alleviate pregnancy morning sickness and heartburn. It’s also drinkable and refreshing, even with how much I hate peppermint! If you like mint tea hot or cold, you should love this flavor. I can’t speak to how well it helps with pregnancy nausea or heartburn, since I’m neither pregnant nor a heartburn-sufferer, but Res Ispa  Mama reviews these teas on her blog and said she thought it helped with her pregnancy heartburn.

WOW FACTOR -- “Wow! That’s some serious mint!”

hey mama tea nursing teaPom Berry Baby Iced Tea for Breastfeeding

This tea is fruity and delicious. The combination of pomegranate and blueberry are a great backdrop for the maple-tasting fenugreek, an herb that has been used for centuries to help stimulate lagging milk production in breast feeding mothers. Since nursing mothers need to stay hydrated to keep up a good supply, you get a two-for-one benefit with drinking this herbal iced tea! 

WOW FACTOR -- “Wow! Fantastic combination of flavors!”

Hey Mama! Teas for Moms to Be, I should clarify, are not really “teas.” Tea is technically made from brews of tea leaves (black, green, or white tea leaves) and is naturally caffeinated. Brews made by steeping dried fruits and herbs are technically known as “teasans.” 

Anyway, my point is only that Hey Mama! Teas for Moms to Be are naturally caffeine-free. 

I called Steve to let him know I liked the teas and wanted to carry them, but I needed to talk with him about logistics. Hey Mama! teas are not only health products, but also convenience products. They’re packaged in glass bottles and each bottle holds is filled with 12 fluid ounces. In other words, even mailing one single bottle would cost $9.95! How do we make it cost-effective to ship to customers?

We worked it out by cutting the shipping in half—they won’t ship to me first. Instead, Steve will send Hey Mama! teas directly to Maternitique customers with free shipping! (Bonus for me since I'm still in re-location madness.) This way, there’s not a lot of down side for you in trying Hey Mama! Teas and you get added value and convenience. 

With free shipping for my customers, great-tasting, organic, nutritious, and baby-safe convenient iced tea that make doing something good for your body and your pregnancy easier, I guess you can figure out that my decision was that Hey Mama! Teas for Moms to Be meet my Maternitique criteria.

I can’t wait to hear your reviews and whether they meet the effectiveness mark for you. I’m confident after getting a 3-pack of the flavor best suited to you at your stage of pregnancy or new motherhood, you’ll want to order more.
Please try them and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading and sharing,

Tara Bloom, owner

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