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My Breast Friend Nursing Pillows Are Here

Posted by Administrator to Gift Giving
my brest friend nursingMeet the new mother's best friend and one of the best gifts you can give a pregnant or new mom who plans to breastfeed: My Breast Friend nursing pillows.

My Breast Friend nursing pillows arrived this week, just in time to help us celebrate national Breastfeeding Awareness Month.

You've seen other nursing pillows, maybe even received one made by a brand that starts with a "B" and ends with a "Y" as a shower gift.

Trust me, however, a My Breast Friend nursing pillow is the one you want.
I speak from experience.

My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow Saved My Breastfeeding Effort

My daughter and I had a tough time getting breastfeeding established (see my 2010 post for Breastfeeding Awareness Month to read my long, mixed bag story about breastfeeding my daughter).

One of the things that truly saved me and made breastfeeding possible for me was using a My Breast Friend nursing pillow. After weeks of cup-feeding breast milk to my newborn and then weeks of pain as we tried over and over to get a good latch, I purchased a My Breast Friend nursing pillow and the difference was night and day.

Using the My Breast Friend nursing pillow, my daughter would stay still when we nursed, instead of relaxing to sleep or snuggling deep into the crook of my arm. She stayed on my breast, instead of losing her position when my arm got tired. My back, which ached in the last months of pregnancy and hurt after birth and while breastfeeding, felt some support.

And, I could sit up straighter instead of slouching over to feed my baby. When I put on my My Breast Friend nursing pillow, I could adjust it to stay secure around my mid-torso and my daughter would be raised up to the level of my breasts, without me having to heft her or hold my arms in a certain way. It was a miracle!

I took my My Breast Friend nursing pillow everywhere with me—even when I nursed in public! I toted it to the mall, to church, to any friend's or family's house we visited. Once we got breastfeeding established with the help of the pillow, I wouldn't nurse without it. It seriously made such a big difference in my life as a first-time breastfeeding mom that I know if I hadn't had one, I would have given up on trying to breastfeed.

My Breast Friend Nursing Pillows Difference

My Breast Friend nursing pillows offer unparalleled breastfeeding help in the following ways:

my brest friendFlat, Firm Surface: Other brands of nursing pillows are made with a soft cushion; My Breast Friend pillows have a firm one. When nursing baby using a soft pillow, she'll sink down into it and/or roll away, and you'll lose your good latch. The firm, flat surface of the My Breast Friend pillows allows your little one to stay in place, relax and avoid sliding or slipping away.

Secure Positioning with an Adjustable Strap: My Breast Friend pillows have an adjustable strap to hold them to your body, so you can hold baby more comfortably and easily and maintain the position with relaxation and ease. The soft, u-shaped pillows that slide onto your waist will just fall down and fall out of place if you turn to take a sip of water, answer the phone, check your Facebook page or otherwise move. This slippage can cause baby to lose her latch and/or for you to stay stiff and uncomfortable—not a good way to nurse!

my brest friendBody Support for You: As I mentioned above, My Breast Friend pillows also offer built-in support for your body. There's a back pillow to support your lower back and good posture and there's raised bumps in the otherwise flat cushion on which you can rest your elbows. These little bumps elevate your arms so your neck and shoulders can stay relaxed and loose. You'll avoid tight, stiff necks and aching shoulders that are common in breastfeeding mothers. After coming off 40 weeks of pregnancy and many hours of labor and childbirth, is a little back support and shoulder support more than you deserve? No way! You deserve to be more comfortable, more supported and less fatigued while breastfeeding your baby. Thanks to My Breast Friend pillows, you can be.

Proper latch, good positioning and mom's comfort are all key elements to getting your breastfeeding experience off to a good start. If there are only a few products that you're planning to get for after baby arrives, a My Breast Friend Pillow should be one of them!

My Breast Friend nursing pillows really are a breastfeeding mom's best friend.

Thanks for reading and sharing,



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