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What to Give for Mother’s Day to a Pregnant Woman

Posted by Administrator to Motherhood
Have a laugh at my version of "give this, not that" for Mother's Day gifts. Avoid vacuum cleaners and psychic readings for pregnant women, but here’s what to give instead.

Anne Lamott Motherhood Quote

Posted by Administrator to Motherhood Quotes
Author Anne Lamott has a genuineness, humbleness and gracefulness in her writing that I love. Read this lovely quote about the effect of a mother's love.

Loving Motherhood Begins with Loving Yourself

Posted by Administrator to Motherhood
At Maternitique, our mission is to help mothers “look your best, feel your best and do your best throughout motherhood.” We can help you with the skin care and cosmetic products that serve your outside beauty, but looking our best and feeling our best begins with what's inside us. Watch the following short video for a little inspiration to love yourself today.

On Owning an Online Maternity Boutique

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
My inspiration for owning a maternity boutique comes from the joy, beauty and wonder of pregnancy itself. But I’ve also wanted to create connections with moms-to-be, to help them anticipate motherhood with more excitement, less fear, and more pleasure, less worry.

Mother and Baby Print

Posted by Administrator to Motherhood
This bright, strong, bold folk art print of a Mexican mother and baby comes from a painting by Portland, Oregon artist Tamara Adams. Available on Etsy.

Bill Penzey Motherhood Quote

Posted by Administrator to Motherhood Quotes
If you receive the Penzeys Spices catalog, you know that each time it's published, Bill Penzey writes something inside the front cover. This was from May 2012.

More Porn for Moms

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy Humor
Ryan Gosling, Matthew Fox, Josh Jackson. Laugh out loud when you see this eye candy whispering the words all moms of toddlers want to hear.

Becoming a Mother

Posted by Administrator to Pregnancy
When does the experience of motherhood begin? During pregnancy, or after birth? As Mother's Day approaches, will you celebrate yourself as a pregnant mother?

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