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More First Father's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Administrator to Holidays
Okay, now that Mother's Day has come and gone, it's time for Father's Day ideas. I've shared some great gift ideas for his first Father's Day in the past, but I have some new suggestions to add to it for 2012. (PS: this year, Father's Day is June 17, 2012.)

oioi jungle leather satchel

1. OiOi Jungle Leather Diaper Bag

Your baby's daddy does want to take baby out on his own, but he doesn't want to do it wearing your feminine-looking diaper bag. Encourage baby-daddy bonding time and outings for the two of them by giving him his own diaper bag for his first Father's Day.

daddy-to-be bracelet

2.Daddy-to-Be Bracelet

If you're still pregnant and awaiting your first-born together, help him feel a part of the journey with a Daddy-to-Be Bracelet, $5. Expectant fathers can feel awkward during a first pregnancy because so many of the experiences are felt by you, not him. And yet, he's probably the one bearing the brunt of your hormones, discomforts and changes to the house. Along with a beautiful Father's Day card in which you describe all the ways in which you know he'll be a great father, let him know that you also love his presence and participation in your pregnancy by giving him a Daddy-to-Be Bracelet to wear.

3. Car Seat Covers

If a man's home is his castle, his car is his chariot. With a new baby in your lives, it's not only the home that gets turned upside-down. If he'll have a car seat for baby in the back seat, do an incredibly thoughtful thing for him and get him a car seat cover for his first Father's Day. From spilled milk and tossed Cheerios, spit up and other inexplicable baby messes, his car is about to be assaulted by your little bundle of joy. Show him you respect his ride by ordering him a universal seat cover from AutoZone or a custom car seat cover from the car dealer.

baby carrier for dad

4. Baby Carrier for Him

Throughout my pregnancy, I remember telling my husband, "I've carried this baby for 9 months. After she's born, you can carry her for the next 9 months!" Turned out I wasn't so eager to give her up once she was born, but nevertheless, my husband was very eager to be able to hold and tote around his little baby girl, which he did with a baby carrier. A great first Father's Day gift is his own baby carrier. Yes, his and hers diaper bags, and now his and hers baby carriers. Why? Because his body is different than yours. Having a baby carrier that's adjusted for dad and ready to go whenever he's ready makes life easier. Plus, a baby carrier like the Ergo Sport (Carry Me Away, $115) is lighter and cooler, and since men are usually warmer than women, he'll like how much more comfortable he is with it on.

olympus pen camera

5. Photo Gadgets

In one of my previous year's posts, I recommended giving dad a camera that, today, is no longer available (my how quickly technology changes; it's so hard to keep up!). But the sentiment is still the same. He's a new dad, let him take pictures of you and baby and get him a new camera that not only takes awesome digital photos, but also movies, too. The Olympus PEN E-P3 (, $849.99) was just recently purchased by Ben Silberman, co-founder of Pinterest, so you know it's gotta be good!

If your baby's daddy already has a new camera (or loves his iPhone too much to even consider using a separate camera), then opt for camera gadgets, like a tripod, for his first Father's Day gift.

field guide to life

6. A Dad Journal

You're not the only parent who has thoughts, advice, hopes, stories and wisdom to share with your new baby. "The Parent's Field Guide to Life" (, $35) is a unique, handmade journal with an interesting format that might appeal to him more than a blank notebook or a traditional journal. The chapters each include 4 blank pages for him to write in about a particular subject or prompt, such as, "Finding Your Purpose," "Keeping Perspective," "Questioning Authority," "Earning, Spending & Saving," and more. There are no age milestones or set dates in which to write anything; it's simply a structured journal with writing prompts and quotes to provide a jumping off point for writing life lessons to your child whenever the time is right. It's the kind of first Father's Day gift that he'll use over and over throughout his years as a dad.

Enjoy putting together your sweetie's first Father's Day!

Thanks for reading,


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